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10 Sakura Oil Filter for Subaru LEONE AA AB AF AG AJ AL AM AP CVFNY CVFY10 GLF5

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Content : 10 x Sakura Oil Filter

Part No : C-1826 Refer Z145A


Make/Model Series Cyl Litres Fuel Type Engine Code Year
Subaru LEONESEDAN & S/WAGON41.8PetrolEA82 [PS]01/1985-12/1989
Subaru LEONESEDAN & S/WAGON41.6PetrolEA71 [KN]01/1982-12/1988
Subaru LEONE41.8PetrolEA81 [KN]01/1980-12/1985
Subaru LEONEAA241.6PetrolEA71 [KN]07/1984-10/1993
Subaru LEONEAA341.6PetrolEA71 [KN]07/1984-10/1993
Subaru LEONEAA441.8PetrolEA82 [PS]07/1984-02/1989
Subaru LEONEAA541.8PetrolEA82 [PS]07/1984-02/1989
Subaru LEONEAA5;741.8PetrolEA82-T [JP]07/1984-02/1989
Subaru LEONEAB;AF541.8PetrolEA81 [KN]10/1979-07/1982
Subaru LEONEAB;AF541.8PetrolEA81 [KN]07/1982-07/1984
Subaru LEONEAB241.6PetrolEA71 [KN]07/1982-07/1984
Subaru LEONEAB341.6PetrolEA71 [KN]08/1982-07/1984
Subaru LEONEAB441.8PetrolEA81 [KN]07/1982-07/1984
Subaru LEONEAB441.8PetrolEA82-T [JP]07/1983-07/1984
Subaru LEONEAB441.8PetrolEA81 [KN]06/1979-07/1982
Subaru LEONEAB541.8PetrolEA81-T [KN]10/1982-07/1984
Subaru LEONEAF141.3PetrolEA65 [CN]10/1979-07/1982
Subaru LEONEAF141.3PetrolEA65 [CN]07/1982-07/1984
Subaru LEONEAF241.6PetrolEA71 [KN]06/1979-07/1982
Subaru LEONEAF241.6PetrolEA71 [KN]07/1982-07/1984
Subaru LEONEAF341.6PetrolEA71 [KN]10/1979-07/1982
Subaru LEONEAF341.6PetrolEA71 [KN]07/1982-07/1984
Subaru LEONEAG441.8PetrolEA82 [PS]11/1985-04/1986
Subaru LEONEAG541.8PetrolEA82 [PS]11/1985-04/1986
Subaru LEONEAG541.8PetrolEA81-T [KN]11/1985-10/1986
Subaru LEONEAG641.8PetrolEA82 [PS]04/1986-06/1989
Subaru LEONEAJ541.8PetrolEA81 [KN]07/1981-07/1982
Subaru LEONEAJ541.8PetrolEA81-T [KN]08/1982-10/1984
Subaru LEONEAJ541.8PetrolEA81 [KN]07/1982-07/1984
Subaru LEONEAL541.8PetrolEA82 [PS]10/1984-02/1989
Subaru LEONEAL5;741.8PetrolEA82-T [JP]10/1984-02/1989
Subaru LEONEAL741.8PetrolEA82 [PS]10/1984-02/1989
Subaru LEONEAM141.3PetrolEA65 [CN]10/1979-07/1981
Subaru LEONEAM141.3PetrolEA65 [CN]07/1981-07/1984
Subaru LEONEAM241.6PetrolEA71 [KN]04/1981-10/1984
Subaru LEONEAM241.6PetrolEA71 [KN]10/1979-07/1981
Subaru LEONEAM341.6PetrolEA71 [KN]07/1981-10/1984
Subaru LEONEAM341.6PetrolEA71 [KN]10/1979-07/1981
Subaru LEONEAM341.6PetrolEA71 [KN]07/1982-10/1984
Subaru LEONEAM541.8PetrolEA81 [KN]10/1979-07/1982
Subaru LEONEAM541.8PetrolEA81 [KN]07/1982-10/1984
Subaru LEONEAP241.6PetrolEA71 [KN]10/1984-09/1994
Subaru LEONEAP341.6PetrolEA71 [KN]10/1984-09/1994
Subaru LEONEAP541.8PetrolEA82 [PS]10/1985-02/1989
Subaru LEONECVFNY1041.5PetrolGA15DS [CN]04/1994-05/1997
Subaru LEONECVFY1041.5PetrolGA15DS [CN]04/1994-05/1997
Subaru LEONEGLF-541.6PetrolEA71 [KN]01/1980-12/1985

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Oil filters prolong engine life by trapping dirt and other particles throughout your vehicle's service interval, ensuring only clean,filtered oil circulates around the motor.

  • Anti drain-back valve preventing oil draining backout of the filter through the inlet holes
  • By-pass valve ensures protection of the engine against oil starvation
  • Strong internal components such as springs and element assemblies
  • Heat tolerant seals and O-rings

  • Sakura Filters Australia has been in the automotive industry for over 25 years,and is one of the market leaders in the import,distribution and export of automotive filters.
  • The range includes filters for automotive,light commercial,heavy industrial,marine,farm and mine machinery.
  • Sakura Filters Australia has attained the Australian Standards AS/NZ ISO9001.


SKU SakuraFilterO-V1812-C0387
Brand Sakura


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