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Castrol Radicool Concentrate 2.5L for Mazda 121 323 626 3 6 MX-5 6 RX-2 3 4 5 7

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Note 176:Do NOT mix Castrol coolant with other brands of antifreeze,coolants or corrosion inhibitors because of possible incompatibility of inhibitors.Follow manufacturer's recommendations for coolant concentration.

It's more than just oil. It's liquid engineering. Castrol provides all the oils, fluids and lubricants the world needs, for every driver, every rider and every industry.

Castrol offers lubricants for virtually all domestic, commercial and industrial applications. For automotive lubrication (including motorcycles 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines, car petrol and diesel engines), our products include an extensive range of manual and automatic transmission fluids, chain lubricants and waxes, coolants, suspension fluids, brake fluids, greases, cleaners and maintenance products. We also produce products for agricultural machinery, plant, general industry and marine engineering uses. All our products have a global chemical registration status and meet compliance in all locations where the product is used.

Castrol has over a century of experience and success through motorsport partnerships and to be able to extend this involvement in Australia to a two-wheel discipline is something we’re really excited by. Castrol have been involved for many years in motorsport and the motorcycle industry with product development with both on-road and off-road bikes. Castrol have been involved for many years, both Globally and locally in all forms of racing and have over this time experienced major success.


Note: eBay's compatibility table is not accurate in some cases. Please refer to the following information we have provided for you.

Contents : 1 x Castrol Radicool Concentrate 2.5L

Position : Radiator

Suit :

Make Series Year Service Refill CapacityNotes
Mazda121,1.3L Carb.Eng.1987-19914.5,5.0LSee Note 176
Mazda121,1.3L F/Inj.Eng.1990-19975.5,6.0LSee Note 176
Mazda121,1.5L F/Inj.Eng.1994-19965.5,6.0LSee Note 176
Mazda121 Coupe,1.8/2.0L Engs.1976-19796.9-7.5LSee Note 176
Mazda121 Metro,1.3/1.5L Engs.1996-2002See Note 176
Mazda323,1.3/1.4L Engs.,RWD1977-19815.5LSee Note 176
Mazda323,1.3/1.5L Engs.,FWD1980-19855.0,5.5LSee Note 176
Mazda323 1.6L Eng.1985-19875.0,6.0LSee Note 176
Mazda323 Astina,1.8L DOHC Eng.1994-19984.5-6.0LSee Note 176
Mazda323 Astina,2.0L V6 DOHC Eng.1994-19987.5LSee Note 176
Mazda323 Astina SP20,2.0L DOHC Eng.2001-20036.9,7.5LSee Note 176
Mazda323 Astina/Protege,1.6L DOHC Eng.1998-20025.5,6.0LSee Note 176
Mazda323 Astina/Protege,1.8L DOHC Eng.1998-20035.5,6.0LSee Note 176
Mazda323 Protege,1.6/1.8L DOHC Engs.1994-19986.0,7.5LSee Note 176
Mazda323 Series 2,1.6L Eng.,N/Asp.1987-19894.5-5.0LSee Note 176
Mazda323 Series 3,1.6L Carb.Eng.1989-19965.0,6.0LSee Note 176
Mazda323 Series 3,Astina,1.8L DOHC Eng.,Man.1989-19945.0-6.0LSee Note 176
Mazda323 Series 3,Astina,1.8L SOHC Eng.1989-19945.0-6.0LSee Note 176
Mazda323 SS,1.6L 16V Turbo Eng.1987-1989See Note 176
Mazda323 SS,1.6L 16V Turbo Eng.,4WD1987-1989See Note 176
Mazda323 S/Wagon,Van,1.4/1.5L Engs.,RWD1981-19855.5LSee Note 176
Mazda626,2.0L Diesel Eng.1984-19856.6-7.0LSee Note 176
Mazda626,2.0L Diesel Eng.1986-19879.0LSee Note 176
Mazda626,2.0L DOHC Eng.1992-19987.0LSee Note 176
Mazda626,2.0L DOHC Eng.1998-20027.5LSee Note 176
Mazda626,2.0L Eng.1986-19877.0LSee Note 176
Mazda626,2.0L Eng.,FWD.1983-19856.6-7.0LSee Note 176
Mazda626,2.0L Eng.,RWD.1979-19836.6,7.0LSee Note 176
Mazda626,2.2L F/Inj.Eng.1987-19916.9,7.5LSee Note 176
Mazda626 Estate,2.2L SOHC Eng.1988-1997See Note 176
Mazda626 Turbo,2.0L Eng.,Man.1986-1987See Note 176
Mazda626 Turbo,MX-6 Turbo,2.2L Eng.1987-19916.9,7.5LSee Note 176
Mazda626 V6,2.5L DOHC Eng.1992-19977.5LSee Note 176
Mazda800 Sedan and Estate1965-19675.9-6.4LSee Note 176
Mazda808,1.6L Eng.1977-19785.9,6.4LSee Note 176
Mazda808 Savanna,1.3L Eng.1972-19775.9,6.4LSee Note 176
Mazda929,1.8L Eng.1973-19796.9-7.5LSee Note 176
Mazda929,3.0L V6 DOHC Eng.,Auto,4WS1991-19969.0-9.4LSee Note 176
Mazda929,3.0L V6 DOHC Eng.,Auto,4WS.1996-19989.4LSee Note 176
Mazda929 Series,2.0L (incl.Turbo),Eng.1984-19877.5LSee Note 176
Mazda929 Series,3.0L V6 SOHC F/Inj.Eng.1987-19918.8-9.4LSee Note 176
Mazda929 V6i,3.0L V6 DOHC Eng.,Auto.1990-19919.4LSee Note 176
Mazda929L,121L,929,2.0L Eng.1978-19847.5LSee Note 176
Mazda1000 Coupe1966-19695.9,6.4LSee Note 176
Mazda1000 Sedan and Estate1966-19695.9,6.4LSee Note 176
Mazda1200,1300 Sedan,S/Wagon and Coupe1969-19765.9,6.4LSee Note 176
Mazda1500 and 1500SS1966-19716.5LSee Note 176
Mazda1600 Capella (616),1.6L Eng.1970-19786.5,7.0LSee Note 176
Mazda1800,1800 Mk.II1969-19747.0LSee Note 176
MazdaMazda2,1.5L Eng.2002-20064.7LSee Note 176
MazdaMazda2,1.5L Eng.2007-20145.2,5.0LSee Note 176
MazdaMazda2,1.5L Eng.2015-20195.0,5.2LSee Note 176
MazdaMazda3 (BK),2.0L DOHC Eng.2004-20097.5LSee Note 176
MazdaMazda3 (BK),2.0L T/Diesel Eng.6-Spd.Man.2008-20099.0LSee Note 176
MazdaMazda3 (BL),2.0L DOHC Eng.2009-20127.5LSee Note 176
MazdaMazda3 (BL),2.0L DOHC SKY ACTIV Eng.2012-20137.4,8.2LSee Note 176
MazdaMazda3 (BL),2.2L T/Diesel Eng.6-Spd.Man.2009-20137.5LSee Note 176
MazdaMazda3 (BM),2.0L DOHC SKYACTIV Eng.2014-20166.1,6.4LSee Note 176
MazdaMazda3 (BM),2.2 T/Diesel SKY ACTIV-D Eng.2014-20168.7,9.0LSee Note 176
MazdaMazda3 (BN),2.0L DOHC SKYACTIV Eng.2016-20196.1,6.4LSee Note 176
MazdaMazda3 MPS (BK),2.3L DOHC Turbo Eng.,Man.2006-20097.5LSee Note 176
MazdaMazda3 MPS (BL),2.3L DOHC Turbo Eng.,Man.2009-20137.5LSee Note 176
MazdaMazda3 SP22 (BM),2.2L Turbo Diesel Eng.2014-20168.7,9.0LSee Note 176
MazdaMazda3 SP23 (BK),2.3L DOHC VVT Eng.2004-20097.5LSee Note 176
MazdaMazda3 SP25 (BL),2.5L DOHC VVT Eng.2009-20137.5LSee Note 176
MazdaMazda3 SP25 (BM),2.5L DOHC SKYACTIV Eng.2014-20166.3,6.5LSee Note 176
MazdaMazda3 SP25 (BN),2.5L DOHC SKYACTIV Eng.2016-20186.3,6.5LSee Note 176
MazdaMazda6 (GG,GY),2.0L T/Diesel Eng.6-Spd.Man.2006-20089.1LSee Note 176
MazdaMazda6 (GG,GY),2.3L DOHC Eng.2002-20057.5LSee Note 176
MazdaMazda6 (GG,GY),2.3L DOHC Eng.,Man./Auto.2005-20087.5LSee Note 176
MazdaMazda6 (GH),2.2L T/Diesel Eng.6-Spd.Man.2008-20099.0LSee Note 176
MazdaMazda6 (GH),2.2L T/Diesel Eng.6-Spd.Man.2010-20129.0LSee Note 176
MazdaMazda6 (GH),2.5L DOHC VVT Eng.,Man./Auto.2008-20117.5LSee Note 176
MazdaMazda6 (GJ),2.2L T/Diesel Eng.6-Spd.Auto.2012-20168.8LSee Note 176
MazdaMazda6 (GJ,GL),2.5L DOHC VVT SKY ACTIV Eng.,Auto.2012-20187.5LSee Note 176
MazdaMazda6 (GL),2.2L T/Diesel Eng.6-Spd.Auto.2016-20198.8LSee Note 176
MazdaMazda6 (GL),2.5 Ltr DOHC SVT SKY ACTIV-G Eng.,Auto.2018-20197.1LSee Note 176
MazdaMazda6 (GL),2.5 Ltr Turbo SVT SKY ACTIV-G Eng.,Auto.2018-20198.2LSee Note 176
MazdaMazda6 MPS (GG),2.3L DOHC Turbo Eng.6-Spd.Man.2005-20088.0LSee Note 176
MazdaMillenia,2.3L Supercharged Eng.,Auto.2000-20027.5LSee Note 176
MazdaMPV Wagon,V6 2.5L Eng.,Auto.1999-2002See Note 176
MazdaMPV Wagon,V6 3.0L Eng.,Auto.1993-19998.8,9.4LSee Note 176
MazdaMPV Wagon,V6 3.0L Eng.,Auto.2002-200610.2,12LSee Note 176
MazdaMX-5,1.5L DOHC Eng.2015-20195.6,5.8LSee Note 176
MazdaMX-5,1.6L DOHC Eng.1989-19934.7LSee Note 176
MazdaMX-5,1.8,Clubman,1.8L DOHC Eng.1993-19975.5,6.0LSee Note 176
MazdaMX-5,1.8L DOHC Eng.1998-20005.5,6.0LSee Note 176
MazdaMX-5,1.8L DOHC Eng.2000-20055.5,6.0LSee Note 176
MazdaMX-5,1.8L DOHC Turbo Eng.2002-20035.5,6.0LSee Note 176
MazdaMX-5,2.0L DOHC Eng.2005-20117.5LSee Note 176
MazdaMX-5,2.0L DOHC Eng.2012-20147.0,7.1LSee Note 176
MazdaMX-5,2.0L DOHC Eng.2015-20196.2,6.0LSee Note 176
MazdaMX-6 Sports,2.5L V6 Eng.1991-19987.5LSee Note 176
MazdaPremacy,1.8L 1.8L DOHC Eng.2001-20026.9,7.5LSee Note 176
MazdaPremacy,2.0L Eng.2002-20036.9,7.5LSee Note 176
MazdaR100,Rotary Eng.,Man.1969-19717.5LSee Note 176
MazdaRX-2 Capella,Rotary Eng.1970-1973See Note 176
MazdaRX-3 Savanna,Rotary Eng.1972-19769.1LSee Note 176
MazdaRX-4,Rotary Eng.1973-19799.0LSee Note 176
MazdaRX-5,Rotary Eng.1976-19798.8,9.5LSee Note 176
MazdaRX-7,1.1L Rotary Eng.1979-19858.5-9.5LSee Note 176
MazdaRX-7,1.3L F/Inj.Rotary Eng.1986-19877.3LSee Note 176
MazdaRX-7,1.3L F/Inj.Rotary Eng.1988-19918.7LSee Note 176
MazdaRX-7,1.3L Turbo Rotary Eng.1986-19878.7LSee Note 176
MazdaRX-7,1.3L Turbo Rotary Eng.1988-19918.7LSee Note 176
MazdaRX-7,1.3L Twin Turbo Rotary Eng.1992-19998.7LSee Note 176
MazdaRX-8,1.3L Rotary Eng.,Man./6-Spd.Auto.2008-201210,9.8LSee Note 176
MazdaRX-8,1.3L Rotary Eng.,Man./Auto.2003-20089.8LSee Note 176


SKU Castrol-Oil-U1911-AG884
Brand Castrol


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