Castrol React Performance DOT 4 500ML for Holden Commodore VL VN VP VQ VR VS-VZ

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It's more than just oil. It's liquid engineering. Castrol provides all the oils, fluids and lubricants the world needs, for every driver, every rider and every industry.

Castrol offers lubricants for virtually all domestic, commercial and industrial applications. For automotive lubrication (including motorcycles 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines, car petrol and diesel engines), our products include an extensive range of manual and automatic transmission fluids, chain lubricants and waxes, coolants, suspension fluids, brake fluids, greases, cleaners and maintenance products. We also produce products for agricultural machinery, plant, general industry and marine engineering uses. All our products have a global chemical registration status and meet compliance in all locations where the product is used.

High performance polyglycol type brake fluid designed to provide superior braking performance in a variety of vehicles, especially those that operate at higher temperatures or under increased loads.

Suitable for use in all brake fluid systems in cars, motorcycles and light commercial vehicles (LCV’s) requiring either a DOT 3, DOT 4 or Super DOT 4 product (excluding those brake systems where a mineral oil based fluid is specified).

  • High boiling point: Exceeds US FMVSS DOT 3 and DOT 4 specification requirements, and offers a performance reserve over brake fluids with lower boiling points.
  • High vapour lock temperature: Greater protection against brake fluid vaporization
  • Corrosion protection: Outstanding protection against corrosion caused by absorbed moisture that can cause rusting and failure of components
  • High temperature stability provides a greater margin for safety because product performance will not fade under higher temperatures
  • Controlled viscosity requirements: Under extreme s of temperature and operating conditions, the product will maintain an optimum operating viscosity to ensure greater safety
  • Rubber swell control: Contributes to efficient operation of the braking system components
  • Compatible with all other brake fluids that meet either DOT 3, DOT 4 or Super DOT 4 Specifications


  • Australian Standard AS 1960-1976 Grade 1
  • FMVSS Class DOT 4
  • SAE J1704


Note: eBay's compatibility table is not accurate in some cases. Please refer to the following information we have provided for you.

Contents : 1 x Castrol React Performance DOT 4 500ML

Position : Brake

Part No. : 3377737

Suit :

Make Series Year Service Refill CapacityNotes
HoldenVL Calais SV88 Series,5.0L Eng.1988
HoldenVL Commodore/Calais,3.0L Eng.1986-1988
HoldenVL Commodore/Calais,3.0L Turbo Eng.1986-1988
HoldenVL Commodore/Calais,5.0L V8 Eng.,Auto.1986-1988
HoldenVL Commodore Group A,V8 Eng.,T5 5-Speed1987-1988
HoldenVN Commodore/Calais,3.8L V6 Eng.1988-1991
HoldenVN Commodore/Calais,5.0L V8 Eng.1988-1991
HoldenVN Commodore Group A,V8 Eng.,ZF 6-Speed1990-1991
HoldenVN Commodore SV3800,3.8L V6 Eng.,Auto.1988-1991
HoldenVolt EV,1.4L DOHC Engine2012-2015
HoldenVP Commodore/Calais Series,3.8L V6 Eng.1991-1993
HoldenVP Commodore/Calais Series,5.0L V8 Eng.1991-1993
HoldenVQ Statesman/Caprice,5.0L V8 Eng.,Auto.1990-1991
HoldenVQ Statesman/Caprice Series II,V6 Eng.,Auto.1991-1993
HoldenVQ Statesman/Caprice Series II,V8 Eng.,Auto.1991-1993
HoldenVR Commodore/Calais Series,3.8L V6 Eng.1993-1995
HoldenVR Commodore/Calais Series,5.0L V8 Eng.1993-1995
HoldenVR Statesman/Caprice Series,V6 Eng.,Auto.1994-1995
HoldenVR Statesman/Caprice Series,V8 Eng.,Auto.1994-1995
HoldenVR Utility,3.8L V6 Eng.1993-1995
HoldenVR Utility,5.0L V8 Eng.1993-1995
HoldenVS Commodore/Calais Series,3.8L V61995-1996
HoldenVS Commodore/Calais Series,5.0L V8 Eng.1995-1996
HoldenVS Commodore/Calais Series II,3.8L V6 Eng.1996-1997
HoldenVS Commodore/Calais Series II,5.0L V8 Eng.1996-1997
HoldenVS Statesman/Caprice Series II/III,V8 Eng.,Auto.1995-1999
HoldenVS Statesman/Caprice Series.II,V6 Eng.,Auto.1995-1998
HoldenVS Statesman/Caprice Series III,V6 Eng.,Auto.1998-1999
HoldenVS Utility,3.8L V6 Eng.1995-1996
HoldenVS Utility,5.0L V8 Eng.1995-1996
HoldenVS Utility,Series II,3.8L V6 Eng.1996-1998
HoldenVS Utility,Series II/III,5.0L V8 Eng.1996-2000
HoldenVS Utility,Series III,3.8L V6 Eng.1998-2000
HoldenVT Commodore/Calais Series,3.8L V6 Eng.1997-1999
HoldenVT Commodore/Calais Series,5.0L V8 Eng.1997-1999
HoldenVT Commodore/Calais Series II,3.8L V6 Eng.1999-2000
HoldenVT Commodore/Calais Series II,5.7L V8 Eng.1999-2000
HoldenVU Commodore Utility Series I,5.7L V8 Eng.2000-2001
HoldenVU Commodore Utility Series I/II,V6 Eng.,Auto.2000-2002
HoldenVU Commodore Utility Series I,V6 Eng.,Man.2000-2001
HoldenVU Commodore Utility Series II,5.7L V8 Eng.2001-2002
HoldenVU Commodore Utility Series II,V6 Eng.,Man.2001-2002
HoldenVX Berlina Series I/II,3.8L V6 Eng.Auto.2000-2002
HoldenVX Berlina Series I/II,5.7L V8 Eng.Auto.2000-2002
HoldenVX Commodore/Calais Series I,3.8L V6 Eng.2000-2002
HoldenVX Commodore/Calais Series I,5.7L V8 Eng.2000-2002
HoldenVX Commodore/Calais Series II,3.8L V6 Eng.2001-2002
HoldenVX Commodore/Calais Series II,5.7L V8 Eng.2001-2002
HoldenVY Adventra Series II,5.7L V8 Eng.,Auto.2003-2004
HoldenVY Berlina Series,3.8L V6 Eng.Auto.2002-2004
HoldenVY Berlina Series,5.7L V8 Eng.Auto.2002-2004
HoldenVY Commodore/Calais Series,3.8L V6 Eng.2002-2004
HoldenVY Commodore/Calais Series,5.7L V8 Eng.2002-2004
HoldenVY Commodore/Crewman Utility Ser.II,5.7L V8 Eng.2003-2004
HoldenVY Commodore/Crewman Utility Series II,V6 Eng.2003-2004
HoldenVY Commodore Utility Series I,5.7L V8 Eng.2002-2003
HoldenVY Commodore Utility Series I,V6 Eng.2002-2003
HoldenVY Cross 8,Series II,5.7L V8 Eng.,Auto.2003-2004
HoldenVY One Tonner Series,5.7L V8 Engine2003-2004
HoldenVY One Tonner Series,V6 Eng.2003-2004
HoldenVZ Adventra Series,5.7L V8 Eng.,Auto.2004-2005
HoldenVZ Adventra Series,188kW V6 Eng.,Auto.2006-2007
HoldenVZ Berlina Series,2.5L V8 Eng.Auto.20060.6L
HoldenVZ Berlina Series,3.6L V6 Eng.,Auto.20060.6L
HoldenVZ Berlina Series,5.7L V8 Eng.Auto.2004-2005
HoldenVZ Berlina Series,6.0L V8 Eng.Auto.20060.6L
HoldenVZ Berlina S/Wagon,3.6L V6 Eng.,4-Spd.Auto.20070.6L
HoldenVZ Commodore/Calais Series,3.6L V6 Eng.,4-Spd Auto.2004-20050.6L
HoldenVZ Commodore/Calais Series,5.7L V8 Eng.2004-2005
HoldenVZ Commodore/Calais Series,6.0L V8 Eng.20060.62L
HoldenVZ Commodore/Calais Series,190 kW V6,Man./5-Spd Auto.2004-2005
HoldenVZ Commodore/Calais Series,190 kW V6,Man./5-Spd Auto.20060.6L
HoldenVZ Commodore/Crewman Series,V6 Eng.20060.6L
HoldenVZ Commodore (Except SV6)/Crewman Series,V6 Eng.20070.6L
HoldenVZ Commodore Series,3.6L V6 Eng.,4-Spd Auto.20060.6L
HoldenVZ Commodore SV6 Utility,V6 Eng.,Man./5-Spd Auto.20070.6L
HoldenVZ Commodore S/Wagon,3.6L V6 Eng.(Incl.LPG),Auto.20070.6L
HoldenVZ Cross 6,172kW V6 Eng.,Auto.20060.6L
HoldenVZ Cross 6,175kW V6 Eng.,Auto.20050.6L
HoldenVZ Cross 8 Series,5.7L V8 Eng.,Auto.2004-2005
HoldenVZ Cross 8 Series,6.0L V8 Eng.,Auto.20060.6L
Holden Special VehiclesVT 195i Series,5L,V8 Eng.1997-1999 Holden Special VehiclesVT 220i Series,5.7L,V8 Eng.1997-2000 Holden Special VehiclesVT II,250i Series,5.7L,LS1 V8 Eng.1999-2000 Holden Special VehiclesVT II GTS,5.7L,LS1 V8 Eng.,Man.2000-2002 Holden Special VehiclesVT XU6,3.8L,Supercharged V6 Eng.,Auto.1998-2000 Holden Special VehiclesVT XU8,5.0L,Eng.1999 Holden Special VehiclesVX 255 Series,5.7L,LS1 V8 Eng.2000-2002 Holden Special VehiclesVX GTS/Senator 300,5.7L,LS1 V8 Eng.,Man.2000-2002 Holden Special VehiclesVX XU6,3.8L Supercharged V6 Eng.,Auto.2000-2002 Holden Special VehiclesVY 260/285 Series,5.7L,LS1 V8 Eng.2002-2004 Holden Special VehiclesVY GTS 300,5.7L,LS1 V8 Eng.,Man.2002-2004 Holden Special VehiclesVZ Clubsport/R8,6.0L LS2 V8 Eng.2004-2006 Holden Special VehiclesVZ Maloo/R8 Utility,6.0L LS2 V8 Eng.2004-2006 Holden Special VehiclesVZ Senator,6.0L LS2 V8 Eng.,Auto.2004-2006
SKU Castrol-Oil-U1911-AG289
Brand Castrol

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