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Fram Air Filter for Subaru Impreza GF GGA WRX GDA GDC GGC GC8 GD9 Ref A360

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Features & Benefits:

A FRAM air filter will ensure optimum engine combustion by creating the ideal balance in air/fuel mixture. FRAM Air filters improve the air flow in the engine and allow for better engine performance and superior fuel economy.

FRAM air filters contain fine media paper to ensure that all sizes of dirt is collected and removed from the air entering the engine. FRAM utilise moisture resistant media paper to ensure the media is not adversely affected by airborne moisture in the in-take air.

FRAM panel air filters have the right density PU to ensure a tight fit in the air filter housing.

  No other brand compares. It doesn't matter if you're a do-it-yourselfer or a seasoned professional. If you're looking for advice or able to dish it out. FRAM® is your filter authority. One with a history as bold as its future and grounded in quality, performance, durability, reliability, efficiency and just the right prices.  

FRAM is a global filtration brand available in 174 countries.

---NO. 1 selling filter in North America


The FRAM brand was established in

1932, making it 87 years old.
  As a market leader in filter technology, FRAM designs, develops, tests & manufactures filters to meet or exceed the filtration specifications of OEM's.  

FRAM is supplied to 9 of the top 10 OE vehicle brands.



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Contents : 1 x Fram Air Filter

Suit : Subaru Impreza GF GGA WRX GDA GDC GGC GC8 GD9 4Cyl Petrol


Overall Height:34.00mm

Outside Width:168.00mm

Outside Length:280.00mm

SubaruImprezaGC1 GF14Cyl1.5LPetrolEJ15 [QB]11/1992-08/1998
SubaruImprezaGC3 2WD4Cyl1.6LPetrolEJ16 [JO]04/1993-09/1998
SubaruImprezaGC4 GF34Cyl1.6LPetrolEJ16 [JO]11/1992-08/1998
SubaruImprezaGC5 2WD4Cyl1.8LPetrolEJ18S [JO]04/1993-11/1996
SubaruImprezaGC6 4WD4Cyl1.8LPetrolEJ18S [JO]04/1993-11/1996
SubaruImprezaGC6 GF64Cyl1.8LPetrolEJ18 [QB]11/1992-08/1998
SubaruImprezaGC7 2WD4Cyl2LPetrolEJ20E [JO]11/1996-09/1998
SubaruImprezaGC84Cyl2LPetrolEJ20 [JC]11/1992-08/2000
SubaruImprezaGC8 4WD4Cyl2LPetrolEJ20E [JO]05/1996-09/1998
SubaruImprezaGC8 WRX4Cyl2LPetrolEJ20G [JC]02/1994-09/1998
SubaruImprezaGC8 WRX4Cyl2LPetrolEJ205 [JC]04/1998-10/2000
SubaruImprezaGC GD94Cyl2LPetrolEJ20 [JC]08/2000-04/2003
SubaruImprezaGD94Cyl2LPetrolEJ20T [JC]04/2003-2007
SubaruImprezaGDA4Cyl2LPetrolEJ20T [JC]08/2000-04/2003
SubaruImprezaGDA4Cyl2LPetrolEJ20T [JC]04/2003-2005
SubaruImprezaGDB WRX STI4Cyl2LPetrolEJ207 [JC]12/2001-09/2005
SubaruImprezaGDC GGC4Cyl1.5LPetrolEL15 [UW]06/2006-06/2007
SubaruImprezaGDE WRX4Cyl2.5LPetrolEJ255 [JC]10/2005-08/2007
SubaruImprezaGF4Cyl1.8LPetrolEJ18 [JC]01/1993-12/1999
SubaruImprezaGF3 FWD4Cyl1.6LPetrolEJ16J [JO]11/1996-09/1998
SubaruImprezaGF4 GFA4Cyl1.8LPetrolEJ18 [QB]11/1992-08/1998
SubaruImprezaGF5 FWD4Cyl1.8LPetrolEJ18S [JO]04/1993-11/1996
SubaruImprezaGF6 4WD4Cyl1.8LPetrolEJ18S [JO]04/1993-11/1996
SubaruImprezaGF7 4WD4Cyl2LPetrolEJ20E [JO]05/1996-09/1998
SubaruImprezaGF7 FWD4Cyl2LPetrolEJ20E [JO]11/1996-09/1998
SubaruImprezaGF84Cyl2LPetrolEJ20 [JC]10/1993-07/1998
SubaruImprezaGF84Cyl2LPetrolEJ20T [JC]08/1998-08/2000
SubaruImprezaGF84Cyl2LPetrolEJ20 [JC]08/1998-08/2000
SubaruImprezaGF8 4WD4Cyl2LPetrolEJ20E [JO]03/1996-10/2000
SubaruImprezaGF8 WRX4Cyl2LPetrolEJ205 [JC]04/1993-10/2000
SubaruImprezaGG24Cyl1.5LPetrolEJ15 [QB]08/2000-04/20031
SubaruImprezaGG24Cyl1.5LPetrolEJ15 [QB]04/2003-06/2007
SubaruImprezaGG34Cyl1.5LPetrolEJ15 [QB]04/2003-06/2007
SubaruImprezaGG94Cyl2LPetrolEJ20 [JC]04/2003-08/2007
SubaruImprezaGGA4Cyl2LPetrolEJ20T [JC]04/2003-06/2007
SubaruImprezaGGA WRX4Cyl2LPetrolEJ205 [JC]10/2000-09/2005
SubaruImprezaSTi4Cyl2.5LPetrolEJ25 [JC]10/2005-11/2007
SubaruImprezaWRX 168kW4Cyl2LPetrolEJ20T [KA]07/2003-08/2007
SubaruImprezaWRX STI4Cyl2.5LPetrolEJ257 [MU]10/2005-08/2007
KA:MPFI#Incl Turbo
Note 1:Some models


SKU Fram-FiltAir-U1911-C0457
Brand Fram


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