Fram Racing Oil Filter for Ford Falcon XA XB XC XD XE XF XK XL XM XP XR XT XW XY

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Features & Benefits:

  • High-Efficiency Low-Restriction Racing Media
  • Extra-Thick Steel Can
  • Silicone Anti-Drain Back Valve
  • Heavy Duty Tapping Plate

  •   No other brand compares. It doesn't matter if you're a do-it-yourselfer or a seasoned professional. If you're looking for advice or able to dish it out. FRAM® is your filter authority. One with a history as bold as its future and grounded in quality, performance, durability, reliability, efficiency and just the right prices.  

    FRAM is a global filtration brand available in 174 countries.

    ---NO. 1 selling filter in North America


    The FRAM brand was established in

    1932, making it 87 years old.
      As a market leader in filter technology, FRAM designs, develops, tests & manufactures filters to meet or exceed the filtration specifications of OEM's.  

    FRAM is supplied to 9 of the top 10 OE vehicle brands.



    Note: eBay's compatibility table is not accurate in some cases. Please refer to the following information we have provided for you.

    Content : 1 x Fram Racing Oil Filter High Performance

    Part No : Reference Z9

    Suit : Ford Falcon XA XB XC XD XE XF XK XL XM XP XR XT XW XY

    specifics :

    Seam Diameter:94.00mm

    Overall Height:139.00mm

    Seal Outside Diameter:70.00mm


    Make/Model Series Cyl Litres Fuel Type Engine Code Year
    Ford FalconXA63.6Petrol221ci [RI]03/1972-10/1973
    Ford FalconXA64.1Petrol250ci [RI]03/1972-10/1973
    Ford FalconXAV85Petrol302Ci Cleveland [RH]08/1972-11/1973
    Ford FalconXAV85.7Petrol351ci GT [CG]03/1972-10/1973
    Ford FalconXAV85.7Petrol351ci GT [HU]03/1973-10/1973
    Ford FalconXA63.3Petrol200ci [AZ]08/1972-10/1973
    Ford FalconXA63.3Petrol200ci [RI]08/1972-10/1973
    Ford FalconXBV85Petrol302ci Cleveland [RH]11/1973-08/1976
    Ford FalconXBV85.7Petrol351ci Cleveland [CG]11/1973-08/1976
    Ford FalconXBV85.7Petrol351ci Cleveland [HU]11/1973-08/1976
    Ford FalconXB63.3Petrol200ci [RI]11/1973-08/1976
    Ford FalconXB64.1Petrol250ci [RI]11/1973-08/1976
    Ford FalconXCV8Petrol [LZ]1966-1974
    Ford FalconXC63.3Petrol200ci [KQ]08/1976-02/1979
    Ford FalconXC64.1Petrol250ci [KQ]08/1976-02/1979
    Ford FalconXCV85Petrol302ci Cleveland [RH]08/1976-03/1979
    Ford FalconXCV85.7Petrol351ci Cleveland [CG]08/1976-02/1979
    Ford FalconXCV85.7Petrol351ci Cleveland [HU]08/1976-02/1979
    Ford FalconXDV8Petrol1966-1983
    Ford FalconXD63.3Petrol200ci [RI]03/1979-02/1982
    Ford FalconXD64.1Petrol250ci [RI]03/1979-02/1982
    Ford FalconXDV85.7Petrol351ci Cleveland [HU]03/1979-03/1982
    Ford FalconXEV85.7Petrol351ci Cleveland [HU]03/1982-03/1983
    Ford FalconXE63.3Petrol200ci [PO]03/1982-09/1984
    Ford FalconXE64.1Petrol250ci [RI]03/1982-09/1984
    Ford FalconXEV8Petrol [LZ]1966-1974
    Ford FalconXEV85Petrol302ci Cleveland [RH]03/1982-03/1983
    Ford FalconXEV85.7Petrol351ci Cleveland [CG]12/1974-03/1983
    Ford FalconXE63.3Petrol200ci [DL]03/1982-09/1984
    Ford FalconXF64.1Petrol250ci [DL]10/1984-02/1988
    Ford FalconXF64.1Petrol250ci [PO]10/1984-02/1988
    Ford FalconXF63.3Petrol200ci [RI]10/1984-02/1988
    Ford FalconXF64.1Petrol250ci [RI]10/1984-02/1988
    Ford FalconXK62.4Petrol144ci [RI]09/1960-08/1962
    Ford FalconXK62.8Petrol170ci [RI]09/1960-08/1962
    Ford FalconXL62.4Petrol144ci [RI]08/1962-01/1964
    Ford FalconXL62.8Petrol170ci [RI]08/1962-01/1964
    Ford FalconXM62.4Petrol144ci [RI]02/1964-03/1965
    Ford FalconXM62.8Petrol170ci [RI]07/1964-02/1965
    Ford FalconXM63.3Petrol200ci [RI]07/1964-02/1965
    Ford FalconXP62.4Petrol144ci [RI]03/1965-08/1966
    Ford FalconXP62.8Petrol170ci [RI]03/1965-08/1966
    Ford FalconXP63.3Petrol200ci [RI]08/1965-08/1966
    Ford FalconXR62.8Petrol170ci [RI]09/1966-02/1968
    Ford FalconXR63.3Petrol200ci [RI]09/1966-03/1968
    Ford FalconXRV84.7Petrol289ci [CG]09/1966-02/1968
    Ford FalconXRV84.7Petrol289ci [HU]09/1966-02/1968
    Ford FalconXRV85Petrol302ci Cleveland [RH]1966-02/1968
    Ford FalconXRV85Petrol302ci Windsor [RH]1966-02/1968
    Ford FalconXRV85.7Petrol351ci GT [CG]1966-02/1968
    Ford FalconXRV8Petrol1966-1983
    Ford FalconXRV85Petrol30212/1974-1981
    Ford FalconXTV8Petrol [LZ]1966-1974
    Ford FalconXT63.1Petrol188ci [RI]03/1968-05/1969
    Ford FalconXT63.6Petrol221ci [RI]03/1968-05/1969
    Ford FalconXTV85Petrol302ci Windsor [CG]03/1968-05/1969
    Ford FalconXTV85Petrol302ci Windsor [HU]03/1968-05/1969
    Ford FalconXTV85Petrol302ci CLEVELAND [RH]1966-1974
    Ford FalconXTV85Petrol302ci WINDSOR [RH]1966-1974
    Ford FalconXWV8Petrol [LZ]1966-1974
    Ford FalconXWV8Petrol1966-1983
    Ford FalconXW63.1Petrol188ci [RI]06/1969-11/1970
    Ford FalconXW63.6Petrol221ci [RI]06/1969-11/1970
    Ford FalconXWV85Petrol302ci Cleveland [RH]06/1969-10/1970
    Ford FalconXWV85Petrol302ci Windsor [CG]06/1969-11/1970
    Ford FalconXWV85Petrol302ci Windsor [HU]06/1969-11/1970
    Ford FalconXWV85.7Petrol351 GT [CG]09/1969-10/1970
    Ford FalconXWV85Petrol30212/1974-1981
    Ford FalconXYV85.7Petrol351ci GT [CG]1966-03/1972
    Ford FalconXYV85.7Petrol351ci GT [HU]1966-03/1972
    Ford FalconXY63.3Petrol200ci [RI]11/1970-03/1972
    Ford FalconXY63.6Petrol221ci [RI]11/1970-03/1972
    Ford FalconXY64.1Petrol250ci [AZ]1970-03/1972
    Ford FalconXY64.1Petrol250ci [BG]1970-03/1972
    Ford FalconXY64.1Petrol250 [RI]11/1970-03/1972
    Ford FalconXYV85Petrol302ci Cleveland [RH]11/1970-03/1972
    Ford FalconXYV85Petrol302ci Windsor [RH]11/1970-03/1972
    [RI]:OHV 12V
    [RH]:OHV 16V
    [CG]:Automatic trans
    [HU]:Manual trans
    [AZ]:1V Carburettor
    [LZ]:Some models
    [PO]:Without EFI
    [BG]: 2V Carburettor
    SKU Fram-FiltHP-U2004-C021
    Brand Fram

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