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Penrite Pro Gear Gearbox Oil 75W-85 2.5L for Volvo 140 440 2.0L 1968-1996

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Note: eBay's compatibility table is not accurate in some cases. Please refer to the following information we have provided for you.

Contents :

1 x Penrite Pro Gear Full Synthetic Manual Gearbox Oil 75W-85 2.5L

Specifics :

  • Base Oil: Full Synthetic
  • Key Specifications: API GL-4.
  • Smooth shift feel for the life of the oil
  • Reducing harmful deposits
  • Will not harm brass or bronze



Pro Gear 75W-85 is a premium Full Synthetic Manual gearbox oil manufactured from a blend of carefully selected synthetic base oils. It uses the latest technology, purpose designed additives for long service Life and excellent load carrying capacity. It contains a unique viscosity modifier for stay-in-grade performance for the life of the drain. It meets the performance requirements of API GL-4 Plus as well as many manufacturer requirements.


Pro Gear 75W-85 is suitable for manual gearboxes, transfer cases and Transaxles in passenger cars, 4WDs and trucks that specify the use of SAE 75W-85 oils. It may also be used in place of an SAE 80 or SAE 80W-85 gearbox oil, especially to improve cold shift problems, where the lower start up viscosity will provide an easier shift.

Pro Gear 75W-85 is also ideal in vehicles that are operating in highly loaded conditions such as in competition or when Towing. It may also be used in manual gearboxes and transaxles that require a SAE 75W-80.

Pro Gear 75W-85 is recommended for use in Aisin 6 Speed manual gearboxes used by Toyota and in Holden Commodore VE V6 and is also suitable for use in GM NV3500 and NV4500 manual gearboxes.

NOTE: This product is not suitable for use in differentials requiring an AP GL-5 specification. For these applications, please use Penrite Pro Gear GL-5 75W-85

Suit Vehicle :

Make Model Series Year Body Type Engine Type KW
HyundaiAccent1.5 i 12V (X-3)1994 - 2000HatchbackPetrol65
HyundaiAccent1.6 (RB)2010 - 2017HatchbackPetrol90
HyundaiAccent1.6 (RB)2010 - 2017SedanPetrol90
HyundaiAccent1.6 CRDi (RB)2011 - 2013HatchbackDiesel94
HyundaiAccent1.6 GDI (RB)2011 - 2017HatchbackPetrol103
HyundaiAccent1.6 GLS (MC)2006 - 2010HatchbackPetrol82
HyundaiAccent1.6 GLS (MC)2006 - 2010SedanPetrol82
HyundaiCoupe1.8 SX (RD)1996 - 2002CoupePetrol94
HyundaiCoupe2.0 FX (RD)1996 - 2002CoupePetrol102
HyundaiElantra1.8 (MD,UD)2011 - 2016SedanPetrol110
HyundaiElantra1.8 (XD)2000 - 2006SedanPetrol97
HyundaiElantra1.8 (XD)2000 - 2006HatchbackPetrol97
HyundaiElantra2.0 (XD)2000 - 2006HatchbackPetrol104
HyundaiElantra2.0 (XD)2000 - 2006SedanPetrol104
HyundaiElantra2.0 (XD)2003 - 2006SedanPetrol105
HyundaiElantra2.0 (XD)2003 - 2006HatchbackPetrol105
HyundaiElantra2.0 CVVT (HD)2006 - 2011SedanPetrol105
HyundaiExcel1.5 i (X-2)1990 - 1995HatchbackPetrol62
HyundaiExcel1.5 i (X-2)1990 - 1995SedanPetrol62
HyundaiExcel1.5 i 12V (X-3)1994 - 2000SedanPetrol65
HyundaiExceli (X-2)1991 - 1994VanPetrol62
HyundaiGetz1.3 i (TB)2002 - 2005HatchbackPetrol60
HyundaiGetz1.4 i (TB)2005 - 2011HatchbackPetrol71
HyundaiGetz1.6 (TB)2005 - 2011HatchbackPetrol78
Hyundaii201.4 (PB,PBT)2008 - 2015HatchbackPetrol74
Hyundaii201.6 (PB,PBT)2008 - 2012HatchbackPetrol93
Hyundaii301.6 (FD) 85kw2008 - 2012WagonPetrol85
Hyundaii301.6 (FD) 90kw2007 - 2011HatchbackPetrol90
Hyundaii301.6 CRDi (FD) 85kw2007 - 2011HatchbackDiesel85
Hyundaii301.6 CRDi (GD) 100kw2011 - 2017HatchbackDiesel100
Hyundaii301.6 CRDi (GD) 94kw2011 - 2017HatchbackDiesel94
Hyundaii301.8 (GD) 107kw2013 - 2017HatchbackPetrol107
Hyundaii301.8 (GD) 110kw2012 - 2017HatchbackPetrol110
Hyundaii302.0 (FD) 105kw2007 - 2011HatchbackPetrol105
Hyundaii302.0 (FD) 105kw2008 - 2012WagonPetrol105
Hyundaii401.7 CRDi (VF) 100kw2011 - 0WagonDiesel100
Hyundaii401.7 CRDi (VF) 100kw2012 - 0SedanDiesel100
Hyundaii401.7 CRDi (VF) 104kw2015 - 0SedanDiesel104
Hyundaii402.0 GDi (VF) 121kw2012 - 0WagonPetrol121
Hyundaii402.0 GDi (VF) 130kw2011 - 0WagonPetrol130
Hyundaii402.0 GDi (VF) 131kw2012 - 0SedanPetrol131
Hyundaii452.0 i (YF)2011 - 2014SedanPetrol121
HyundaiiLoad2.4 (TQ)2010 - 0VanPetrol128
HyundaiiLoad2.5 CRDi (TQ)2008 - 0VanDiesel125
HyundaiiLoad2.5 CRDi (TQ)2009 - 0VanDiesel100
HyundaiiMAX2.5 CRDi (TQ) 100kw2008 - 0BusDiesel100
HyundaiiMAX2.5 CRDi (TQ) 125kw2008 - 0BusDiesel125
Hyundaiix352.0 (LM)2010 - 2015SUVPetrol122
HyundaiLantra1.6 i.e. 16V (J-1)1991 - 1995SedanPetrol84
HyundaiLantra1.8 16V (J-2)1996 - 2000WagonPetrol94
HyundaiLantra1.8 16V (J-2)1995 - 2000SedanPetrol94
HyundaiLantra1.8 i.e. 16V (J-1)1992 - 1995SedanPetrol93
HyundaiLantra2.0 16V (J-2)1999 - 2000SedanPetrol102
HyundaiLantra2.0 16V (J-2)1996 - 2000WagonPetrol102
HyundaiS Coupe1.5 i (SLC)1990 - 1996CoupePetrol62
HyundaiS Coupe1.5 i (SLC)1991 - 1996CoupePetrol65
HyundaiS Coupe1.5 i Turbo (SLC)1992 - 1996CoupePetrol85
HyundaiSanta Fe2.2 CRDi (CM)2009 - 2012SUVDiesel145
HyundaiSanta Fe2.2 CRDi 4x4 (CM)2006 - 2009SUVDiesel114
HyundaiSanta Fe2.2 CRDi 4x4 (CM)2009 - 2012SUVDiesel145
HyundaiSanta Fe2.2 CRDi 4x4 (DM)2012 - 2015SUVDiesel145
HyundaiSanta Fe2.4 16V 4x4 (SM)2001 - 2006SUVPetrol107
HyundaiSanta Fe2.4 4x4 (DM)2012 - 2015SUVPetrol141
HyundaiSanta Fe2.7 V6 GLS 4x4 (CM)2006 - 2009SUVPetrol139
HyundaiSonata2.0 CRDi (NF)2009 - 2010SedanDiesel110
HyundaiSonata2.0 i 16V (Y3)1993 - 1998SedanPetrol102
HyundaiSonata2.4 (NF)2005 - 2008SedanPetrol119
HyundaiSonata2.4 i (Y2)1989 - 1991SedanPetrol83
HyundaiTerracan2.9 CRDi 4x4 (HP)2005 - 2006SUVDiesel120
HyundaiTerracan3.5 i V6 4x4 (HP)2001 - 2006SUVPetrol143
HyundaiTiburon2.0 (GK)2002 - 2009CoupePetrol102
HyundaiTiburon2.7 V6 (GK)2002 - 2009CoupePetrol123
HyundaiTucson2.0 (JM) 104kw2004 - 2010SUVPetrol104
HyundaiVeloster1.6 GDI (FS)2011 - 0CoupePetrol103
HyundaiVeloster1.6 T-GDI (FS)2012 - 0CoupePetrol150
Triumph2000Mk I 2.01968 - 1975SedanPetrol66
Triumph2000MkII 2.01972 - 1975SedanPetrol66
Triumph2000MkII 2.01972 - 1975SedanPetrol65
Triumph2000MkII 2.0 TC1975 - 1977SedanPetrol68
Triumph2500S1975 - 1977SedanPetrol79
Triumph2500TC1974 - 1975SedanPetrol74
TriumphDolomiteSprint1973 - 1981SedanPetrol95
TriumphStag31970 - 1977TargaPetrol107
TriumphTR 3A21957 - 1961ConvertiblePetrol70
TriumphTR 3A2.21959 - 1961ConvertiblePetrol74
Volkswagen1500-16001.5 (31 Series)1961 - 1973SedanPetrol33
Volkswagen1500-16001.5 (31 Series)1961 - 1973WagonPetrol33
Volkswagen1500-16001.5 L (31 Series)1968 - 1973HatchbackPetrol33
Volkswagen1500-16001.5 S (31 Series)1963 - 1965SedanPetrol40
Volkswagen1500-16001.5 S (36 Series)1963 - 1965WagonPetrol40
Volkswagen1500-16001.6 (31 Series T,U Engine)1965 - 1973SedanPetrol40
Volkswagen1500-16001.6 L (31 Series P Engine)1964 - 1973SedanPetrol37
Volkswagen1500-16001.6 L (36 Series)1965 - 1973WagonPetrol40
Volkswagen1500-16001.6 TL (31 Series)1965 - 1973SedanPetrol40
Volkswagen1500-16001.6 TL (31 Series)1965 - 1973HatchbackPetrol40
VolkswagenBeetle1.2 (42005)1954 - 1965Special DesignPetrol22
VolkswagenBeetle1200 1.2 (11)1960 - 1985Special DesignPetrol25
VolkswagenBeetle1300 1.3 (11)1970 - 1973Special DesignPetrol32
VolkswagenBeetle1302 1.2 (11)1969 - 1972Special DesignPetrol25
VolkswagenBeetle1302 1.31970 - 1975Special DesignPetrol29
VolkswagenBeetle1302 1.3 (11)1970 - 1972Special DesignPetrol32
VolkswagenBeetle1302 1.61971 - 1974Special DesignPetrol35
VolkswagenBeetle1302 1.6 (11)1970 - 1972Special DesignPetrol37
VolkswagenBeetle1303 1.2 (13)1972 - 1976Special DesignPetrol25
VolkswagenBeetle1303 1.3 (13)1972 - 1975Special DesignPetrol32
VolkswagenBeetle1303 1.6 (13)1972 - 1979Special DesignPetrol35
VolkswagenBeetle1303 LS,S 1.6 (13)1972 - 1979Special DesignPetrol37
VolkswagenBeetle1500 1.51966 - 1970ConvertiblePetrol32
VolkswagenBeetle1500 1.5 (11)1966 - 1973Special DesignPetrol32
VolkswagenBeetle1500 1.61970 - 1973Special DesignPetrol37
VolkswagenBeetle1500 1.61969 - 1970ConvertiblePetrol35
VolkswagenGolf1.5 D Mk1 (37kw)1978 - 1980HatchbackDiesel37
VolkswagenGolf1.6 Mk1 (55kw)1976 - 1984HatchbackPetrol55
VolkswagenGolf1.8 Mk2 (70kw)1983 - 1993ConvertiblePetrol70
VolkswagenTransporter1.7 (T2)1971 - 1973VanPetrol49
VolkswagenTransporter1.8 (T2) 50kw1973 - 1975BusPetrol50
VolkswagenTransporter2.0 (T2)1975 - 1979VanPetrol51
VolkswagenTransporter2.0 (T2) 51kw1975 - 1979BusPetrol51
VolkswagenTransporter2.0 (T3) 51kw1982 - 1986VanPetrol51
VolkswagenTransporter2.1 (T3) 70kw1986 - 1992VanPetrol70
VolkswagenTransporter2.1 (T3) 70kw1986 - 1992Cab ChassisPetrol70
VolkswagenTransporter2.1 Syncro (T3) 70kw1988 - 1992VanPetrol70
VolkswagenTransporter2.1 Syncro (T3) 70kw1988 - 1992Cab ChassisPetrol70
VolkswagenTransporter/Caravelle2.1 Syncro 70kw1985 - 1992BusPetrol70
VolkswagenTransporter/Caravelle2.1 Syncro 82kw1986 - 1992BusPetrol82
Volvo1402.0 (142,144) 60kw1968 - 1974SedanPetrol60
Volvo1402.0 (142,144) 91kw1970 - 1975SedanPetrol91
Volvo4402.0 (445)1992 - 1995HatchbackPetrol81
Volvo4402.0 (445)1993 - 1996HatchbackPetrol80


SKU Penrite-U2006-C00079
Brand Penrite
Shipping Weight 2.5000kg


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