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Penrite Pro Gear Gearbox Oil 75W-90 2.5L for Holden Commodore Colorado Captiva

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Contents :

1 x Penrite Pro Gear Full Synthetic Manual Gearbox Oil 75W-90 2.5L

Specifics :

  • Base Oil: Full Synthetic
  • Viscosity: SAE 75W-90
  • Key Specifications: API GL-5, API MT-1.



Pro Gear 75W-90 is a premium Full Synthetic, SAE 75W-90, Heavy Duty Gear Oil that uses a special combination of synthetic base oils which include PAO and Ester, with an advanced Additive system to provide ultimate performance and protection under all operating conditions. It meets the performance requirements of API GL-5/GL-6/MT-1 as well as many other Manufacturers specifications.


Pro Gear 75W-90 is designed for use in Manual gearboxes, Transaxles and differentials of competition vehicles, passenger cars, 4WDs, light & heavy duty commercials, trucks, buses, agricultural and earthmoving equipment.

Pro Gear 75W-90 can be used in applications requiring a SAE 80W-90 or SAE 90 gear oil or where a synthetic oil of this viscosity is required especially where consistent high temperature operations and/or extreme loads are encountered.

Pro Gear 75W-90 is already dosed with the correct amount of friction additive for use in Limited Slip differentials, no extra additive is required, nor should it be added as seal degradation may result.

Pro Gear 75W-90 can be used as a replacement for a Mineral gear oil, of a similar viscosity, operating in severe applications, such as high temperatures and Shock loads that may lead to a mineral oil breaking down prematurely. Its resistance to high temperature degradation and oxidation allows it to provide longer oil drain intervals while providing maximum wear protection.

Suit Vehicle :

Make Model Series Year Body Type Engine Type KW
Chrysler300C6.42011 - 2012SedanPetrol347
ChryslerCrossfire3.22004 - 2007ConvertiblePetrol160
ChryslerCrossfire3.22003 - 2007CoupePetrol160
FordCougar2.5 (SW,SX)1999 - 2003CoupePetrol125
FordEcosport1.0 EcoBoost (BK)2013 - 0SUVPetrol92
FordEcosport1.5 (BK)2013 - 0SUVPetrol82
FordEverest3.2 TDCi 4x4 (UA)2015 - 0SUVDiesel143
FordF2504.2 TD AWD2001 - 2003UteDiesel132
FordF2504.2 TD AWD2003 - 2006UteDiesel132
FordF2507.3 D V8 AWD1996 - 2003UteDiesel154
FordFalcon4.0 Inc XR6 (BF)2005 - 2008UteLPG156
FordFalcon4.0 Inc XR6 (BF)2005 - 2008UtePetrol190
FordFalcon4.0 LPG (BF)2005 - 2008Cab ChassisPetrol156
FordFiesta1.0 EcoBoost (WZ)2013 - 0HatchbackPetrol92
FordFiesta1.5 Flex (WZ)2013 - 0HatchbackPetrol82
FordFiesta1.6 i (WP,WQ)2004 - 2008HatchbackPetrol74
FordFiesta1.6 i (WS)2008 - 2010HatchbackPetrol88
FordFiesta1.6 i (WT)2010 - 2013SedanPetrol89
FordFiesta1.6 i (WT)2010 - 2013HatchbackPetrol89
FordFiesta1.6 TD (WT)2010 - 2012SedanDiesel66
FordFiesta1.6 TD (WT)2010 - 2012HatchbackDiesel66
FordFiesta1.6 TDCi (WS)2009 - 2010HatchbackDiesel66
FordFiesta2.0 i XR4 (WP,WQ) 110kw2007 - 2009HatchbackPetrol110
FordKa1.3 (TA,TB)1999 - 2003HatchbackPetrol44
FordRanger2.2 TDdi (PX)2011 - 2015UteDiesel110
FordRanger2.2 TDdi (PX)2011 - 2015Cab ChassisDiesel110
FordRanger2.2 TDdi 4x4 (PX)2011 - 2015UteDiesel110
FordRanger2.2 TDdi 4x4 (PX)2011 - 2015Cab ChassisDiesel110
FordRanger2.5 (PX)2011 - 2015UtePetrol122
FordRanger2.5 (PX)2011 - 2015Cab ChassisPetrol122
FordRanger3.2 TDdi (PX)2011 - 2015UteDiesel147
FordRanger3.2 TDdi 4x4 (PX)2011 - 2015UteDiesel147
FordRanger3.2 TDdi 4x4 (PX)2011 - 2015Cab ChassisDiesel147
HoldenAstra1.6 CD (TR)1995 - 1998HatchbackPetrol74
HoldenAstra1.6 CD (TR)1995 - 1998SedanPetrol74
HoldenAstra1.8 i (TR)1996 - 1998HatchbackPetrol85
HoldenAstra1.8 SRi (TR)1996 - 1998SedanPetrol85
HoldenAstra2.0 GSi (TR)1995 - 1998HatchbackPetrol100
HoldenCaptiva2.0 TD (CG)2008 - 2011SUVDiesel110
HoldenCaptiva2.0 TD 4x4 (CG)2007 - 2011SUVDiesel110
HoldenCaptiva2.2 TD 4x4 (CG)2011 - 0SUVDiesel135
HoldenCaptiva2.4 i (CG)2009 - 2011SUVPetrol103
HoldenCaptiva2.4 i 4x4 (CG)2009 - 2011SUVPetrol103
HoldenCaptiva2.4 i 4x4 (CG)2012 - 0SUVPetrol123
HoldenCaptiva2.4 i AWD (CG)2012 - 0SUVPetrol/Ethanol123
HoldenCaptiva3.0 i 4x4 (CG)2012 - 0SUVPetrol167
HoldenCaptiva3.2 i 4x4 (CG)2006 - 2008SUVPetrol167
HoldenCaptiva3.2 i 4x4 (CG)2008 - 2011SUVPetrol169
HoldenCaptiva 52.2 TD 4x4 (CG)2011 - 0SUVDiesel135
HoldenCaptiva 73.0 i 4x4 (CG)2012 - 0SUVPetrol190
HoldenColorado2.5 TD 2WD (RG)2012 - 0Cab ChassisDiesel110
HoldenColorado2.8 TD 2WD (RG)2012 - 0UteDiesel132
HoldenColorado2.8 TD 2WD (RG)2012 - 0Cab ChassisDiesel132
HoldenColorado2.8 TD 2WD (RG)2013 - 0Cab ChassisDiesel147
HoldenColorado2.8 TD 2WD (RG)2013 - 0UteDiesel147
HoldenColorado2.8 TD 4x4 (RG)2012 - 0UteDiesel132
HoldenColorado2.8 TD 4x4 (RG)2012 - 0Cab ChassisDiesel132
HoldenColorado2.8 TD 4x4 (RG)2013 - 0Cab ChassisDiesel147
HoldenColorado2.8 TD 4x4 (RG)2013 - 0UteDiesel147
HoldenColorado 72.8 TD (RG)2012 - 0MPVDiesel132
HoldenColorado 72.8 TD 4x4 (RG)2013 - 0MPVDiesel147
HoldenCommodoreVE 3.6 V62007 - 2013UtePetrol210
HoldenCommodoreVE 3.6 V62009 - 2013SedanPetrol210
HoldenTrailblazer2.8 TDi 4x4 (RG)2016 - 0SUVDiesel147
HoldenVectra2.0 i (JR)1997 - 1998HatchbackPetrol100
HoldenVectra2.0 i (JR)1997 - 1998SedanPetrol100
HoldenVectra2.0 i (JS)1998 - 2000HatchbackPetrol100
HoldenVectra2.2 i (JS)2000 - 2003HatchbackPetrol104
HoldenVectra2.2 i (JS)1998 - 2003WagonPetrol104
HoldenVectra2.2 i (JS)1998 - 2002SedanPetrol104
HSVClubsportVF 6.2 V8 (LSA) (400kw)2015 - 2017SedanPetrol400
HSVClubsportVF 6.2 V8 (LSA) (400kw)2015 - 2017WagonPetrol400
HSVGTSVF 6.2 V8 (430kw)2013 - 2017SedanPetrol430
HSVGTSVF 6.2 V8 (LSA) (400kw)2015 - 2017SedanPetrol400
HSVMalooVF 6.2 V8 LSA (400kw)2015 - 2017UtePetrol400
HummerH33.7 4x42006 - 2010SUVPetrol180


SKU Penrite-U2006-C0070
Brand Penrite
Shipping Weight 2.5000kg


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