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4X4 Wheels

4x4 Wheels

It may be easier to pick 4x4 wheels based on looks alone, but it’s not wiser. Your wheels, like your tires, take serious abuse when you venture off the pavement. So it’s important to know what materials are available and how they impact your off road performance. You can group 4x4 wheels into two main categories: those made from steel and those made from cast aluminum alloy. Steel 4x4 wheels are heavier and more durable, but prone to rust. Cast alloy truck wheels tend to keep your brakes cooler and resist rust, but they’re more expensive than their steel counterparts.

4X4 Accessories

4x4 Accessories

The modification work of a true off-roader is never done. As long as you keep driving, you’ll need more 4x4 accessories. Suspension, steering parts, drivetrain components, tools, body armor, nerf bars, bug shields — the list goes on and on. Find the 4x4 accessories you need, at the prices you like, with 4 Wheel Parts.

Dana 44

Dana 44 Rear Axle Parts

The Dana 44 rear axle has been a mainstay in the off road community for decades. Off-roaders who don’t have a Dana 44, want one. Off-roaders who do have the Dana 44 need access to the ring and pinion gear kits and differentials that work with it. Either way, 4 Wheel Parts can help. Our catalog includes Dana 44 rear axle assemblies, plus a complete line of drivetrain products compatible with the Dana 44.