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Trupro 2 Inch 50mm Lift Kit Ball Joint Spacer For Toyota Hilux IFS LN107 LN166

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About Ball Joint Spacers :

Trupro ball joint spacers are 2 Inch /50mm tall and provide about that much front suspension lift over stock suspension settings as well as that much more overall front suspension travel.

Trupro ball joint spacers are built as a solid piece and will not bend or warp when stress is applied. Installation of this parts will improve Driving responsiveness and handling. Also increase your functionality and ability to custom tailor your suspension characteristics while increasing clearance between the fenders and front wheels.

The lift spacer is NOT a 1:1 ratio - Meaning that the lift height achieved is much greater than the actual thickness of the spacer. The reason is that the lower control arm compounds the amount of lift due to its angle and length.

Why Choose Trupro:

High Quality Raw Materials, Advanced Production And Testing Equipment To Ensure Product Quality.

In Strict Accordance With Original Factory Size Processing, Wide Applicability, Convenient Installation.

Products Apply Widely,Meet Most Models Of Demand, And The Products Are In Constant Innovation And Upgrade.

Perfect Quality, Reasonable Price, Long Service Life, Take Good Care Of Your Car.


Note: eBay's compatibility table is not accurate in some cases. Please refer to the following information we have provided for you.

Content :

Trupro 2 Inch 50mm Front Ball Joint Spacers

Suit :

Toyota Hilux LN108 / LN110 2L 4L Diesel 1988 - 1997
Toyota Hilux LN108 / LN112 2L-TE 4L Diesel 1995 - 1997
Toyota Hilux LN107 / LN109 / LN111 3L 8L Diesel 1988 - 1997
Toyota Hilux RN106 / RN110 22R 4L Petrol 1988 - 1997
Toyota Hilux RN106 / RN110 22R-E 4L Petrol 1988 - 1997
Toyota Hilux YN107 3Y 0L Petrol 1988 - 1997
Toyota Hilux YN107 3Y-E 0L Petrol 1994 - 1997
Toyota Hilux LN165 / LN170 / LN190 2L-T 4L Diesel 1997 - 2001
Toyota Hilux LN165 / LN165H / LN170H 2L-TE 4L Diesel 1997 - 1999
Toyota Hilux LN166 / LN171 / LN191 3L 8L Diesel 1997 - 2005
Toyota Hilux LN167 / LN172 / LN192 / LN200 5L 0L Diesel 1997 - 2004
Toyota Hilux LN167 / LN172 / LN192 / LN200 5L-E 0L Diesel 2000 - 2005
Toyota Hilux RZN167 1RZ-E 0L Petrol 1997 - 2004
Toyota Hilux RZN168 / RZN173 / RZN193 2RZ-FE 4L Petrol 1997 - 2005
Toyota Hilux RZN169 3RZ-F 7L Petrol 1997 - 2001
Toyota Hilux RZN169 / RZN174 / RZN194 / RZN200 3RZ-FE 7L Petrol 1997 - 2005
Toyota Hilux KDN166 1KD-FTV 0L Diesel 2002 - 2004
Toyota Hilux KDN165 / KDN170 / KDN190 2KD-FTV 5L Diesel 2001 - 2005
Toyota Hilux KZN165 / KZN190 1KZ-TE 0L Diesel 1999 - 2005
Toyota Hilux VZN167 / VZN172 5VZ-FE 4L Petrol 2002 - 2005


SKU Trupro-BJS-U1903-S001
Brand Trupro


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